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De-charring machine
The Re-Juevination of Whisky Casks has proven to be a very cost effective method of extending the maturation life of used barrels.

The process involves removal of the old char (de-charring) to expose fresh wood and re-firing (re-charring) the newly exposed wood to re-carbonise its surface. The spirit is now able to access a much higher level of extractives during maturation, than was previously available.

There are several methods of de-charring, but one which has been shown to be very successful is wire brushing the inside of the cask at high speed.
Schoolhill use a patented profiling head for this operation, and by maintaining a constant pressure on the barrel surface, the brush is able to closely follow the shape of the cask. This provides a very uniform finish, throughout the whole surface of the cask.
This machine will process all casks in the range from 190Ltr Bourbon Barrels up to large Sherry Butts and Distillery Puncheons.

Charring Machine

This Machine is suitable for toasting & charring the inside of wooden barrels from 190 to 550ltr.

Handling most sizes of barrel from American Bourbon Barrels up to large Butts and Puncheons. A loading arm raises casks onto the storage rack from the floor, where they are individually released and transferred to the charring station. The burner lance feeds into the barrel, which is rotated over the flame to provide a uniform char on the inside surface. Speed of rotation, flame strength, and burn time are adjustable, to achieve the required depth of char. Preheating or “low temperature toasting” is becoming much more important now within the Whisky industry and this Schoolhill system provides an accuracy of temperature control, which was impossible to achieve with previous technology. Temperature is measured at the wood surface, and real time information is fed back to the computer, which instantaneously adjusts the flame on the lance burner. Multi-stage burn sequences may be programmed by a combination of temperature and time to provide exactly the right profile for your maturation requirements. When the cycle is completed casks are automatically extinguished, then ejected from the machine by means of a mechanical arm. The burners have an automatic ignition system, and an air blower boosts the flame to ensure correct combustion within the cask. The gas and air mix may be varied manually or pre-programmed to provide optimum burn conditions. Cycle times may be varied depending on the preheat, toasting hold time, and charring depth required.

Expected production is 70 /140 casks per day depending on Toast/Char requirements.



DeChar Machine
Type II de-charring machine for whisky and rum barrels. This machine may also be used for shaving wine barrels when converted with our floating cutter head.

de-char factsheet
De-charring Machine Datasheet
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charring factsheet
Charring Machine Datasheet
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