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A Heavy Duty Punching Machine for new hoop production, this machine punches 2 holes, at 2” apart at the same time. When the hoop is wrapped around the measuring jig, and the joint overlapped, all 4 holes for the hoop are punched with a single stroke of the machine.
Measuring jigs are available to suit your barrel sizes, and are easily adjustable for different hoop diameters. The jig moves in and out to allow different hoop widths to be aligned to ensure holes are punched in the centre of the material. It is adjustable in height and angle of tilt to accommodate a range of different angles of splay.

Riveting machines are similar to the picture above but without a measuring jig. They are now available with double head tooling to close both hoop rivets at the same time. These are normally set at 2” apart but this distance can be set to suit your requirements. Hoops up to 2.5” (63mm) wide x 0.100” (2.5mm) thick may be processed in these machines.
Automatic rivet feeding is a recently introduced option.

  • Very accurate hoop sizing.
  • Increased production.
  • Reduced manual handling.
  • Reduced hammering and noise.

There are 6 individual machines in this family, suitable for various hoop working operations for both new hoops and repairs. These machines may be banked together to form a production line of 2 to 4 machines depending on the operations required, or used on a single machine basis for riveting only.
Machines are set up with different tooling for each operation which includes punching new hoops, measuring hoop diameters, punching out old rivets, flattening, and riveting.

Expected  Production; 1200 - 1500 hoops per day
Machine Dimensions;  3.9m w x 1.3m d x 1.7m h
Shipping Weight; 1600 Kgs
Electric Motor; 5.5 Kw



Hoop Riviting
Hoop riveting machines with automatic rivet feed systems.

Machining capability
Hoop Punching & Riveting Datasheet
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