Schoolhill Hydraulic Engineering

Barrel Working Machinery

If your requirements are not listed please contact us. We can design and manufacture specific solutions for you.

Primary Machines
Hoop Drivers: * 10 Arm Finish Hoop Drivers for Wine, Whisky, Rum
* 6 Arm Truss Hoop Driver (Vertical & Horizontal)
* Light Duty Portable Hoop Driver
* Small Hoop Driver for Garden Tubs and Planter
Hoop Pullers: * 6 Arm Hoop Pulling Machines for Repairs & Knock Down
* Vertical and Horizontal Types
* Small machine for Bourbons and Hogsheads
* Universal Model for ASB's up to Butts and Puncheons
Hoop Working: * Machines for Measuring, Punching, Riveting new hoops
* Punching out old Rivets for repair lines
* Hoop Flattening on repair lines
* Hydraulic Splayers
* Integrated Hoop Working Line for Decoil/Cut & Nose
/Punching/Riveting/Sizing/Splaying (PLC controlled option)
Pressure Testing: * Safety Bung & Auto Fill System
* Pressure Testing Equipment
* Barrel Handling Machine for Leak Testing.
Other Machines available
* Fan Tables for Stave Testing
* Barrel Assembly Machines
* Hydraulic Power Windlasses
* Head Inserting Machines
* Sanders
* Barrel Turnover Machines
* Dowel Boring and Inserting
* Cask De-charring/Re-char Machines
* Pallet Loading Machine
* Palletising/Depalletising Machine
* Bung Puller
* Bung Boring Machines

Safety Guarding and Interlocks are available for all Machinery. Some machines are now available with PLC controls.

Used Machinery:
We can often supply used machines for some of the above types and will be pleased to discuss Trade In's or Part Exchange.

Rebuilt Machines:
Machinery can be completely refurbished and modernised in our Workshop and some of these include Crosers and Head Rounders.


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