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Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinders are Schoolhill's primary product. In particular we have over 30 years experience in design for industrial processes, and our expertise is second to none.

The Company has produced multi stage double acting telescopic rams for mobile cranes and missile loaders for the Royal Navy. Exotic alloys were used to supply cylinders for nuclear power stations.

A range of Heavy Duty Tiebolt Cylinders has been developed specifically for subsea wellheads and running tools. These have some unique design features not available from any other hydraulic cylinder manufacturer.

A substantial portion of business is devoted to the manufacture of mechanical handling machinery. Cylinders on some of these machines constantly achieve 3000 cycles per day, 800,000 per annum and in excess of 1M cycles between services.

Fast Track Delivery
Finished parts and a large selection of seals are held in stock for a range of preferred sizes, thus very short lead times can be achieved. Piston Rod Materials are stocked in long lengths already plated and polished.
Substantial stocks of raw materials are held, including Alloy, Carbon, Stainless and High Nickel Steels. Seal kits and spares are carried for all the equipment we manufacture and we are always pleased to discuss the level of stockholding to suit your requirements. Computerised manufacturing systems allow us to respond quickly to customer needs and we are proud to offer well proven products with a speedy reliable service.

Cylinder Types
There are predominantly 2 different types of cylinder construction. Users in various industry sectors seem to have their own preference but both types provide the same functions. Tiebolt series cylinders to NFPA standards are often preferred for oilfield completions, wellhead connectors and running tools. These are also popular within the machine tool industry. Drilling equipment manufacturers, construction equipment and many process control systems seem to favour welded construction cylinders, usually conforming to ISO standards. Schoolhill manufacture a comprehensive range of sizes in both types.

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