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Schoolhill engineers design and manufacture 'solutions' for many types of tubular transportation problem. Several different types of standard units are available and may be included as an integral part of any tubular handling system.

Powered rollers are used to drive pipes along in their axial direction, while kick off arms, stops, and single release units, are used to move them radially to transfer to another line. For example pipes failing inspection can be ejected from further processing via a bypass line.

Pipe steadies and safety over arm clamps hold down the pipes securely during rotating activities.

For pipe cleaning we manufacture:

  • Lance Feed Units
  • Containment Muffs
  • Axial Rotation Drive Units
  • Over Arm Safety Clamps

For premier threading we manufacture:

  • Idler Roller Jacks
  • Powered Drive Roller Jacks
  • Kick off Arms
  • Stop and Single Release Units
  • Hydraulic Chocks
  • Lathe Steadies
  • Powered Turntables
  • Dipping Tables
  • Pipe Racks

All the units are built onto a channel frame base, and all roller alignments are completed prior to shipping. Hydraulic connections are made up to terminations at the end of the frame, allowing the whole line to be set in place with 1 lift, and ready to run in only a few hours. For shipping abroad, the channel frame base may be made up of shorter sections of convenient length, ready for container loading.

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