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Quick Dump Valves

Due to very high cost of recovery, reliability is of paramount importance for sub sea control valves.

Over 500 Quick Dump Valves have been supplied for North Sea applications. From non compensated types for topside actuators to hydrostatically compensated models for subsea trees.

These valves have proven to have a very high reliability in service, and one of the reasons for this is that the use of steel on steel moving parts is avoided throughout the whole product range. Standard materials are 316 st. stl. but most other corrosion resistant alloys are also available.

Rotatable Exhaust Port

Schoolhill have patented the design of Portable Exhaust Sleeves which may be incorporated to any of our Quick Dump Valves. This is very useful when Valves are connected up with IVPT ports as the final orientation of the Valve cannot be predicted. This Portable Exhaust feature allows the Exhaust Port to be orientated through 360° to make it face in any direction.

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