Schoolhill Hydraulic Engineering
Wellhead Tools

Wellhead Tools

Schoolhill can design and manufacture any type of special running tools for you requirements.

Our current production include:

  • Patented gripper cylinders
  • Valve override tools
  • BOP orientation pin cylinders
  • Sleeve pulling tools
  • Tools for automatic release

Orientation pins are used to control the correct alignment of most BOP’s.

Many BOP manufactures use alignment pins which are manually inserted and removed and these are often difficult to operate correctly in an offshore environment.

Schoolhill have developed a range of hydraulically powered Orientation Pins where the pin itself forms an integral part of a hydraulic cylinder, built into various types of API Flange. When the API flange is bolted into place on the BOP body, hydraulic lines are connected through the flange to the hydraulic cylinder which inserts or removes the orientation pin remotely.  Pin sizes, cylinder lengths and API flange types all vary between different BOP manufacturers, and Schoolhill can supply these units for most types of BOP.

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